The Purest Magnesium on Planet Earth lives here

Chances are you already know about the benefits of Epsom Salts. From soothing tension, muscles and sleep, all the way to supporting ASD, Fibromyalgia or CFS - Magnesium, (as Epsom Salts) are naturally the next best thing to a relaxing holiday!

But with so many to choose from, which one is right for you, and is there even a ‘right’ one? If you’re using Epsom Salts to support detoxification, these questions make perfect sense. After all – we want to remove impurities, not add more in! And by the time the decision is made to use Epsom Salts to support our bodies, we’re usually in a state of depletion or toxic overload - so of course purity matters.

… It’s not important that you choose Sam Walker Natural Epsom Salts today. What is important is you get the Epsom Salt that’s pure enough for YOU

While it may be OK to you to have a few nasties in the Epsom Salt that goes on your garden, you may be surprised to learn the same grades of Epsom salts are repackaged for personal use. Yes, even those called ‘food grade’. And while they provide magnesium sulphate, they also deposit other unwanted things into our burdened cells - like lead, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals. And that’s a little scary to think about, right?

But most importantly, most of the cheaper salts are not of geological origin. And for people like us, who like things organic, natural and raw, those things matter.

200 Million Years of Earth Energy Inside Every Crystal

The History of Epsom Salts

Originally Epsom Salts were named after the bitter tasting spring found in 1618 by a local Epsom farmer – Henry Wicker. This spring was rich in the mineral Magnesium Sulphate(MgSO4) and Epsom Salt was discovered to be a great laxative. However, once stocks ran out synthetic, cheaper “Epsom Salts” became the norm.

But Magnesium (Mg+) itself has a much longer history. In fact, it’s the ninth most abundant element in the entire Universe with most of earth’s natural Magnesium originating from billions-of-year-old stars. And it’s this magnesium, in the form Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate that makes Sam Walker Natural Epsom Salt remarkable.

Sam Walker Natural Epsom Salt start as raw Magnesium Sulphate, which has sat for 200 Million years uncontaminated in pristine geological sites beneath Germany, the most sought-after magnesium sulphate deposits in the world! The raw salts are then purified to remove heavy metals and carefully recrystallized to retain potency. Our Epsom Salt are tested in Germany for purity. We want to prove purity and potency. 

Click here to see our lab results

  • Our Epsom salts dissolve fast
  • They give a smooth as silk water feel
  • Supersaturated and Ionic for fast absorption through skin
  • Odorless for those with sensitivities
  • No heavy metals or other nasties
  • 100% Pharmaceutical and Food Grade*
  • Safe for bathing, foot soaks, to make your own creams and more!

*While it’s safe to take our pure Epsom salts internally, please do not ingest any Epsom salts without first consulting a medical professional.  Sam Walker does not give advice on ingesting Epsom Salt.

If you want to support your body without adding more impurities back in, Sam Walker Natural Epsom Salt makes perfect sense


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