Energy Generator : Clear Quartz Chakra Hammered Centre

Sam Walker


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This is a lovely Clear Quartz Chakra Hammered Centre Energy Generator of approx 10cm across its base. It features a clear quartz hammered centre in the middle which has 7 single terminated quartz points coming off each side at the bottom.  Additionally there are 7 crystals, one on each of the points. PLEASE NOTE, new photos are coming of the hammered centres.

Reputed Metaphysical Properties Of Clear Quartz Clear
Clear Quartz is a powerful general purpose all-around healing gemstone. It protects and clears negative energy, clears the aura, and has excellent healing properties. Therefore, it can also be used as an aid in meditation and to improve mental focus.


  • An energy generator crystal is sometimes called a projector crystal.
  • Every crystal is unique and individual, with its own qualities.
  • A number of crystals are joined as wands to the sides of a larger central crystal, usually with a metal such as Indian silver, creating a 7 point shape.
  • The conical or pyramidal shape of the central crystal amplifies the power of the surrounding crystals, directing the energy to where it is needed.
  • The crystals that form an energy generator can be a combination of different stones, or all made from the same material.
  • Generator crystals are superior for energy magnification, generation, and focus. 
  • They are used in crystal grids, rituals, and to promote an energized environment. 
  • They are said to remove negative energy of all kinds, as well as stimulate and cleanse the chakras.


  • Crown chakra (Sahasrara) Amethyst : soothing, calming, tranquility, grounding
  • Third eye chakra (Ajna) Iolite : clear vision, pure thoughts, intuition and self-acceptance
  • Throat chakra (Vishuddha) Moonstone : compassion and empathy, serenity and tranquility
  • Heart chakra (Anahata) Peridot : strength, balance, peace, health, rest, harmonising
  • Solar plexus chakra (Manipura) : Citrine : attracts wealth, prosperity and success. Raises self-esteem and confidence.
  • Sacral chakra (Swadhisthana) Carnelian : stabilising, courage, harmony
  • Root chakra (Muladhara) Garnet : hope, empowerment, nurturing

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